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 Unusual or hard-to-find electrical and mechanical parts

MotorPulse MP2
Weight-raising controller for mechanical clocks.
A small circuit board measuring 1.5" x 1.1" featuring operation from 4 to 20 volts and virtually zero current consumption when idle. 
Ideal for operation on a 4.5V or 6V battery pack.
  • High quality miniature screw terminals
  • LED operation indicator
  • 3A motor drive capability
  • Timing variable between 1 and 25 sec.
  • Triggered by reed switch or microswitch
  • Micro-based therefore we can easily customise for specific timing or function.
Suitable reed switch kit or microswitch can be found on our Buy page
If ordered together with an MP2 there is no additional postage.
MP2 Price each £26.60 
(includes UK postage)

Self Pulsing Coil SPC-1
A low-voltage electromagnet with 
built-in electronic switching. When a magnet approaches the top face of the device at sufficient velocity the coil is switched on for a brief period (about 5 milliseconds).
Depending upon magnet polarity, either an attractive or repulsive force is applied to the magnet.

Can be used to build unusual electric motors, maintain a pendulum etc. For accurate pendulum driving please see
our SPC-3 below.

There is a YouTube video here
demonstrating the coil in action.
  • Fully potted construction
  • LED indicator
  • Operating voltage 1.5V to 4.5V DC
  • Dimensions 23mm diameter by 24mm overall height.
Negligible current consumption when not triggered, therefore a power switch is not required. 
Single mounting hole in the flat base, tapped M3, also serves as the + connection.
Supplied with an 8x3 neodymium magnet, M3 base screw and a solder tag for the positive connection.
SPC-1 Price each £32.60 
(includes UK postage)
Looking for a solution to accurately drive a timekeeping pendulum?
The SPC-3 has an ironless core thus it does not interfere with pendulum swing.
It works down to near zero bob velocity thus very small swings are possible. 
Features adjustable pulse power (pulse width) and wide operating voltage range
4 to 24 volts. It is capable of driving a large bob eg. for Foucault's demonstrations.
  • Separate coil and P-Drive circuit
  • Coil is fully potted and can be customised to fit the application.
  • LED indicator
  • multi-turn power adjuster
  • Operating voltage 4 to 24 volts 
  • Drawing: SPC3 assy.pdf
  • Instruction sheet: SPC3 and P-DriveR5.pdf
Contact us for pricing details
Materials kit for the "Tripulse" motor as shown in our demonstration video.
Everything needed to build the Tripulse except for an SPC-1. Order separately.
Kit contains: High density plastic material for the base, conical spring, two ball races, spindle, CNC routed rotor made from FR4 material, solder tags, brass and aluminium barstock, screws and three 8x1 neodymium magnets. 
Tripulse materials kit.  Price each £26.50
(includes UK postage)

Drawings and Build Notes for our "Tripulse" demonstration motor are available for download:
Drawings for our pendulum demonstration are available for download:

Latching Solenoid 24V DC
Pulse-operated. A built-in permanent magnet maintains the "pulled-in" state.
Very useful where high power consumption and heating effects of a conventional solenoid are undesirable.

How it works
A pulse is applied to the coil, red lead positive. This causes the plunger to retract where it is then maintained in position by the built-in magnet. Applying a pulse of opposite polarity temporarily cancels out the permanent field, allowing the attached flat coil spring to release the plunger. 

Part number BLP 68120611720 
Data sheet 
L-SOL Price each £5.00 
(includes UK postage)

Latching Solenoid Accessories

Driver Board S-DRV
Provides reversing pulse drive for two of the above latching solenoids. Easy to use, all connections are by screw terminals plus a DC power socket. Inputs by toggle switches or push-buttons. Boards can share a single power supply. Full instructions are included.

Select quantity required:

Power Supply PSU-24
24 volts 0.63 Amp "Plug-Top" power supply unit. Complete with UK, US and European adaptors and a standard DC output connector on a 1.5M lead.
 Price £23.00 

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