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A useful workshop tool for checking magnet polarity and strength.
Use to check individual magnets, flywheel magneto poles for polarity and variation, tunnel magneto poles etc. 

  • Easy-to-read bright yellow OLED display
  • Shows sensed field polarity and magnetic flux density directly in Gauss. 
  • Range 1000G North 1000G South
  • Bargraph indicator
  • Two colour LED indicator for quick polarity checks
  • RED --> North 
  • BLUE --> South
  • End-sensing field probe included
  • Powers on when probe plugged in
  • Fast power-on auto-calibration for zero field
  • Low battery detection
  • 10 minute battery saver shut-down timer
  • Uses two AAA alkaline cells, included.


Complete kit with end sensing probe, batteries and full instructions
Price £79.00 (includes UK delivery) 




A handy little device to aid setting the timing on virtually any ignition system using contact points.
The problem Magnetos generally have a very low resistance coil connected directly across their contact points. The change in resistance between points closed and points open is very small and hard to see on a meter. A bulb and battery doesn't work well either.
We thought about this and came up with a solution - the Minimag Mag-Time.
How it works The effect of a very low resistance in parallel with an inductor and a capacitor can be made to disappear by injecting a high frequency alternating current instead of direct current, which is what an ohm-meter or battery and lamp would do.
A pair of croc leads are connected between magneto body and the insulated contact point, usually the centre bolt on a rotating points magneto. The resulting electrical signal is processed to give an audible and visible indication when the points are closed. The indication disappears the instant the points separate. So, no longer any need for three hands and a Rizla Blue.
Mag-Time works with rotating coil and rotating magnet magnetos, flywheel magnetos (clip one lead on the kill switch wire) and battery/coil/points ignition systems. It can detect poor contact through magneto earthing brushes, and can be used as a continuity tester for checking bulbs, fuses, buzzing out wiring etc. The input is fully protected should you accidentally connect it to a battery feed wire or try testing a battery system with the ignition on.
The replaceable connecting lead powers up Mag-Time when it is plugged in. If you forget to unplug when finished, Mag-Time switches itself off after 20 minutes, saving the battery.
Price includes two alkaline AAA cells, test lead and UK P+P
Price each £48 all inclusive, UK delivery.



 Full-size Magnetos

We can rewind most magnetos, and flywheel magneto coils, specialising in the older or more obscure machines. 
We also have a powerful magnetiser able to restore both external and rotating magnets.
Fellows Baby, Scintilla 4, BTH, CAV, Villiers, Wico, Hills, to name a few we've worked on recently. 
Contact us to arrange a diagnosis and quotation.



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