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M-SPEED electronic speedometer kit

  • Speedometer module with integral LiPo battery
  • Omni magnetic sensor, magnet and wiring
  • Micro USB charger, UK
  • Instructions
  • Dimension drawing
    Contact us for price and availability

Capacitor discharge Ignition Systems
Type MCL-1-KIT
  • Self-contained Ignition Unit (electronics and coil)
  • Low voltage Hall sensor kit
  • Switched battery box
  • 2x AA cells
  • Instructions
Price each £102.00

As above, less the sensor kit (If you want to use contact points)
Price each £87.60

Please note: MCL-1 now is supplied with a fitted HT clip to suit 1/4" Rimfire plugs.
If you prefer no clip, a croc clip or other arrangement please email us after placing your order.

V4 microswitch, gold contacts. Button actuator and clip-on lever.
Easy to operate from a flat on the camshaft or crankshaft.
Price each £3.60

Reed switch. Precious metal contacts, glass case 19 x 3, wire-ended. 
A low cost alternative to Hall switches.
Supplied with a 4x3 Neodymium magnet.
Price each £4.80


Miniature Spark Plugs
American-made Rimfire range. Probably the best miniature spark plug you can buy.
Rimfire VR2
1/4 x 32TPI thread. Same dimensions as the original Minimag Standard
Price each £29.00

Rimfire VR2-L
1/4" x 32TPI thread. Long reach (0.3") version of the VR2.
Price each £29.00

Rimfire V

3/8 x 24TPI thread 
Price each £33.00

Rimfire Viper Z1
10-40 thread 
Price each £33.00
Usually available from stock: Rimfire V1, V2, V3, Mini Viper Z2 and Z3. Call for availability and pricing.
Pack of 10 copper washers for 1/4" spark plugs
£5.00 inc UK postage
Plug clip size 2 for 1/4" plugs. Will fit 10-40 Z range with minor adjustment. Complete with heatshrink sleeve. Solder-on
Price each £2.98 inc UK postage
Plug clip size 3 for V 3/8" plugs. Complete with heatshrink sleeve. S
Price each £2.98 inc UK postage
10mm short-reach, low profile insulator. Standard fitment for many small engines. We use them in some of our "freelance" petrol engines
Price each £6.00 

Ignition Coils and Components
Flanged Hall Effect Sensor Kit MFS-1
Price each £13.80
Hall Effect Sensor Kit MHS-1
Price each £14.40

Sub-Miniature Proximity Sensor Assembly MRS-1
Price each £34.80  

Encapsulated Single-Ended Ignition Coil NOVUS-1

Price each £58.50

Encapsulated Double-Ended Ignition Coil NOVUS-2
Price each £64.80

Igniter Coil IGN-1 / IGN-1L (longer)
Price each £40.80

Universal Coil Mounting Clip CLIP-U
Price each £2.60
Miniature Ignition Controller MIC-1A
Price each £42.80
Wiring Kit (electronic) MWK-E
Price each £11.20
Wiring Kit (electronic) with charging socket MWK-EC
Includes a chassis-mount socket and a matching plug.
Price each £16.80
Wiring Kit (electronic) for dual coils MWK-DUAL
Price each £19.80

'Falcon' Magneto Kit FMK and FMK-Export kit
Sorry. Not available at present.

Engine Start-Up Box (Complete kit of all parts, materials and drawings)
Contact us for pricing and availability

Timing Strobe for use with the Start-Up Box. Complete kit of all parts, materials and drawings.
Contact us for pricing and availability


Sealed lead-acid batteries. Due to shipping restrictions, available to UK customers only, sorry.
6V 1.3 AH Price each £14.40
6V 3.2 AH Price each £18.50
6V 4.5 AH Price each £21.00
Charger 6V 500mA, plugs into a 230V UK wall socket. Suitable for all our batteries.
Price each £23.10
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