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Royal Enfield Ensign and Prince CDI conversion

CDI controller fits in place of the original contact breaker and cam.

  • Self generating.
  • Strong spark even at low RPM promotes easy starting and steady idle.
  • Breakerless  - no wearing parts.
  • Very stable ignition timing.
  • Static timing light.
  • High performance external HT coil, replaces the original ET coil.
  • Wires through the original 3 way connector.
  • Requires modification to the ignition source coil, included.
  • Easy to fit. Comprehensive instuctions provided and help just a phone call away.
  • Fitting service available.

Contact us for details, installation manual PDF and pricing

WIPAC Series 90 electronic conversion

Introducing the Minimag W90-Valkyrie Ignition System



A replacement ignition system for the Wipac 90 series flywheel magneto. Does away with the original ignition coil, contact breaker, cam and condenser. 


  • Self generating.
  • Strong spark even at low RPM promotes easy starting and steady idle.
  • Works equally well in either direction of rotation.
  • Breakerless  - no wearing parts.
  • Very stable ignition timing.
  • High performance micro ignition coil or internal HT coil if lighting not required.
  • Original backplate and flywheel retained.
  • Easy to fit. Comprehensive instuctions provided and help just a phone call away.
  • Very little modification to original parts needed.
  • Fitting service available.
Contact us for details, installation manual PDF and pricing


Have a poorly Wipac Bantamag?

Consider our Serama breakerless ignition module.
  • Designed specifically for the Wipac Bantamag
  • Eliminates points and condenser
  • Flux-sensing, detects optimum firing point
  • Very stable ignition timing
  • Will work with original coil if in good condition
  • Fitting service available. Send us your Bantamag and we'll
    test it, rewind as necessary, remagnetise your flywheel and
    fit a Serama module.


Short video Here 


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Velocette Ignition System
An all-new design for all Miller equipped LE and Valiant models in 6V or 12V, positive or negative earth, kickstart or handstart

For 6V or 12V Lucas equipped models or BTH-PEC see further down this page. 

The design aim was to produce a highly reliable system in the form of a complete kit of parts for easy fitment by the owner/rider. The system addresses all the issues arising from the ageing OEM coil and contact breaker set up and carries on where the established H. Maidment system is now becoming hard to maintain.

Unlike many other aftermarket electronic ignition boxes available to the motorcyclist, the Minimag VELO8-M is designed specifically for the LE. It is backed by 25+ years of ignition system design experience and motorcycling enthusiasm.



Highly reliable modern digital electronics on a quality commercially produced PC board

Very small magnetic timing sensor, crankshaft mounted

All major parts fit under the circular generator cover

Electronic advance / retard

Electronic revolution limiter 

Ignition coils matched to the controller and optimised for low current consumption

Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection

Comprehensive fitting instructions

What's in the kit: 

Electronic circuit board, two ignition coils, link wire, magnetic rotor with fixing screw and extractor bolt, coil fixing screws, sleeve grommets, two suppressed HT caps, two spark plugs, ignition timing tool, printed fitting guide in colour

Request a copy in PDF

   Lucas Available in 12 Volt positive or negative earth versions with timing to suit LE, Valiant or Vogue models. 

      Compact electronic circuit board and magnetic timing rotor fits in place of the  original points backplate and points cam / ATU. Works with original style Lucas coils or a twinspark coil. Supplied with full instructions, new fitting screws, plugs, caps and a timing tool.  


   BTH-PEC Available in 6 Volt positive earth. Replaces the original ignition coil, distributor wheel and advance/retard unit. New coil is a special dual-output design and features an easy-to-fit connector which slips over the original distributor posts. 

    Supplied with full fitting instructions, new screws where needed, resistor plugs and compact 7mm plug caps. Dual sensors (TDC and full advance) makes for very easy timing set-up.


Select the system you require
If Miller, kick or hand start
PEC HT Spike kit
HT leads for the BTH-PEC unit screw on to threaded spikes. They are made of steel and being down deep holes with no drainage, they can eventually rust away or break off when attempting to replace an HT lead. Fortunately BTH used corrosion - resistant material for the backing screw thus they should come out easily enough with a suitable tool.

We've come up with a repair kit comprising removal / fitting tool and two new spikes of all brass construction.

Kit is £28 including UK delivery. Contact us to place an order or to request international postal charges. 

Electronic Cut-Out                           Ref. M-ECO

Intended as a replacement for the BTH-PEC electromagnetic cut-out,
this device offers high reliability and very low losses.
Unlike conventional high efficiency diodes which drop 0.3 to 0.7 volts or more depending upon type, our cut-out drops an average of only 0.026 volts at 8 amps. That's less than 0.2 watts, better than the losses on a mechanical cut-out in good condition.
Measures 20mm x 25mm x 6mm and fits in place of the original cut-out.
Supplied with a mounting screw and nut, fitted ring terminals and full fitting instructions 
£14 each including UK delivery.


Coils for use with the Lucas System

Ref TSL-12V
A 12volt dual output coil.
Chromed case and mounting bracket.
Dims. 55 dia x 130 height.
Bracket 160, centres 145
Supplied with replaceable 500mm HT leads and suppressed caps.
Connections by screw terminals

£72.68 + £6.00 UK delivery.   OUT OF STOCK Please contact us for availability

 Ref. V8L-12VTS

A 12volt encapsulated dual
output coil. 
Supplied with removeable HT leads, terminals, mounting bolts and spacers. 

Mounting holes are on 90mm centres.




£57.00  including UK delivery. 


The Minimag "SS" Buzz Coil

A modern variation on the original buzz or trembler coil as used on many early stationary engines and some cars.
The key difference between a coil / points setup and a buzz coil is that the former produces a spark on contact break, a buzz coil produces a stream of sparks on contact closure.

We went one stage further, eliminating the dubious need for a stream of sparks by producing a single very powerful and accurately timed spark. Once a spark has been produced the box goes to sleep until the next cycle, dramatically reducing power consumption.
The SS (Single Spark) Buzz Coil contains a purpose-built fully potted ignition coil matched with a highly reliable electronic circuit. 
There are no moving parts and no wear.
HT output is by an easy to use shrouded screw terminal and insulating cover (not pictured). LT input connection by thumb screws. There is a built-in LED timing light to aid setting up and fault finding.

The design brief was to produce a highly reliable ignition system capable of many thousands of trouble-free  hours operation and return very low power consumption. 

  • 12 volt battery operation. Eg. small sealed lead-acid alarm battery
  • Robust grey ABS case with four screw-down lugs 
  • Easy to use HT terminal with protective cover. Suits 5, 7, 8 and 9mm HT cable
  • 2BA nickel plated brass LT terminals
  • Dimensions (in mm) 120 long x 65 wide x 40 high. HT tower and cover  add a further 23mm height
  • LED timing light
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Supplied with a dimension drawing and connection diagram
  • Help and support always available. Just telephone or email.
Price each £98.25 including UK delivery.