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Minimag Co. Privacy Policy

Minimag Co. is fully committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulations. We take every possible precaution to protect any information we may receive from you. With the exception of two items which require either access credentials supplied with a purchase or issued on receipt of an email or verbal request, this entire site may be browsed without requiring input of any personal information whatsoever.

Product information

Should you request Product Information you may need to provide a name and an email address so that we can send it to you. We recognise that some people prefer to receive their information in printed form. Therefore we will record your name, telephone number if given, and your postal address so that we can comply with your request.

Contact Us form

The Contact Us form on this website does not store any information you may type into its boxes.

Product Purchase

If you place an order with us, we will need to collect as a minimum your delivery address unless you are going to collect. If you pay for your purchase by card over the telephone or at an exhibition we will enter your details into a Card Terminal which is isolated from the internet.  We will not record or retain any of your card details and we manage our card transactions as  PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Storage of personal information

We store contact details so that in the event of an issue or update connected with your purchased product, we are able to contact you. All information is stored securely with no one but us (Julian and Bernadette Kemp) able to access it. None of this information can be accessed via the website, indeed it cannot be accessed at all from the internet or even on our local intranet.


We never have and never will use any personal information we hold for marketing purposes. Period.


Cookies are dropped on your computer by our website via your internet browser whilst you are browsing it.  When you close your browsing session any cookies dropped are removed. (Statement from our website provider). We do not make use of cookies for any purpose whatsoever.

Your rights under the GDPR

Right of access: You may request, and we will supply,  access to any personal information we hold on you and tell you how we have used it.

Right to Rectification: If you spot an error or your indormation is incomplete (eg on a delivery address label we have printed) notify us and we will correct it.

 Right to be forgotten:  All your personal information in our possession will be destroyed on request.

Right to Object: You may raise an objection to our use of any of your personal information.

(Further information is available on the ICO website at