Minimag Co.

Ignition Systems

  The Minimag "SS" Buzz Coil

A modern variation on the original buzz or trembler coil as used on many early stationary engines and some cars.
The key difference between a coil / points setup and a buzz coil is that the former produces a spark on contact break, a buzz coil produces a stream of sparks on contact closure.

We went one stage further, eliminating the dubious need for a stream of sparks by producing a single very powerful and accurately timed spark. Once a spark has been produced the box goes to sleep until the next cycle, dramatically reducing power consumption.
The SS (Single Spark) Buzz Coil contains a purpose-built fully potted ignition coil matched with a highly reliable electronic circuit. 
There are no moving parts and no wear.
HT output is by an easy to use shrouded screw terminal and insulating cover (not pictured). LT input connection by thumb screws. There is a built-in LED timing light to aid setting up and fault finding.

The design brief was to produce a highly reliable ignition system capable of many thousands of trouble-free  hours operation and return very low power consumption. We have therefore spent the money on fit-for-purpose internals rather than on external appearance.

  • 12 volt battery operation. Eg. small sealed lead-acid alarm battery
  • Robust grey ABS case with four screw-down lugs 
  • Easy to use HT terminal with protective cover. Suits 5, 7, 8 and 9mm HT cable
  • 2BA nickel plated brass LT terminals
  • Dimensions (in mm) 120 long x 65 wide x 40 high. HT tower and cover  add a further 23mm height
  • LED timing light
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Supplied with a dimension drawing and connection diagram
  • Help and support always available. Just telephone or email.
Price each £74.50 including UK delivery.