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Welcome to Minimag Co.

Easy to use ignition equipment for the Model Engine Builder
Specialist electronic ignition systems
Electronic and mechanical design
Light engineering
Magneto repairs
Coil winding 

Minimag goes electric! The Maeving RM1 fully electric, built in Britain


    New for 2023

     CDI for the Royal Enfield Ensign and Prince models

    "Winnow" CDI for the Miller B.S.9 flywheel magneto

    Available in two versions: internal HT coil or external HT coil
     (if you want to retain direct lighting). Call or email for details

    New for 2021

    "Serama" Wipac Bantamag ignition module. Details here


Wipac Series 90 flywheel magneto electronic conversion. Details here

Gaussmeter - magnet polarity and strength checker. Details here
Ignition system for the Velocette Viceroy

Electronic dynamo cut-out
Velocette LE ignition system. Here

July 2017 

Buzz Box for hit 'n miss engines

January 2016
Mag-Time magneto timing aid. Here

December 2016
Micro Speedometer. Details here
MP2 MotorPulse. Very small winding motor control for clock weights. Details here

May 2016
Self Pulsing Coil. UPDATE 30 May: We've added drawings for the "Tripulse" motor and pendulum demos as seen at the Doncaster Show 

January 2016
Rotary Clock Kit. An advanced mechanical and electronic project.

Components page added. 
We'll be updating this page as new items arrive.
first up is a power-saving latching solenoid together with accessories.

August 1st 2015  
New! Low tension Igniter Coil now available.
Coil for authentic low tension ignition systems using a mechanical "igniter"

March 1st 2015  
Capacitor Discharge Ignition System. Runs off 2x AA cells

November 2014 Update!
We've had to change our telephone number again since moving.
Please see About us page for contact details and updated number.

May 2014
By popular request - Electric Engine.
Available as a kit for machining or fully assembled. Here. 
We can now take secure credit and debit card orders over the telephone. 
October 2013
Now available: an easy -to-fit low profile flange mounting sensor. Drawing.  Products page.

July 2013
Miniature spark plug stocked range expanded.
May 2013
Timing light kit (Stroboscope)
A bright white LED timing light intended for use with our Start-Up box kit.
January 2013
Rimfire Spark-Plug range expanded due to popular demand.
Ignition wiring kit simplifies wiring up a MIC-1A and coil.
January 2012
Small engine Start-Up box.
Built an engine but not decided upon an ignition system yet?
This box will help you get it running...
September 2011
6V sealed lead-acid batteries in stock. Ideal for use with our coils and electronic module.   
NEW for June 2011!
The American made RIMFIRE miniature spark plug range is now available through Minimag. See our product page.
Stocks of the VR2 (similar dimensions to the Minimag Standard / Platinum) are in stock now for immediate delivery.
March, 2011
"Falcon" Engineers Magneto kit now available. See products page for details. A very interesting and highly detailed build sequence here
January, 2011
Newly developed - Minimag Novus miniature ignition coils.
Fully encapsulated, cylindrical design. Single and dual output versions.
"Falcon" Magneto Kit - GA drawing now available. 
                                  - Build manual now available.
                               - See Downloads page. 
July, 2010
Spark Demon Ignition Coil in production.
Ignition controller and two magnetic sensor options in production.
See a Spark Demon coil and electronic module in action on YouTube...
Prototype low speed magneto in action on YouTube...
June, 2010
Spark Demon Ignition Coill ready for production. We'll post pricing shortly.
An electronic ignition module to complement our coils has been developed.
February, 2010
Acquired Minimag Co and relocated it from Walsall to Lingfield in rural Surrey.